LETS MEET Bob Willis

Bob Willis, one of the principals in Suncoast Sports. Bobs been in the active lifestyle willis picture.jpgindustry for over 45 years, “cutting his teeth” working with major retailers nationwide. Bob’s early years were spent selling to a major US retailer before getting into the Bicycle Business.

Bob understands retailers needs and concerns and will assist in any way possible to help the retailer.

Bob is an active cyclist and former Triathlete and runner.

Bobs credo is “Honesty above all”.


LETS MEET Carl Cheshire Carl Cheshire pix

Carl comes to Suncoast Sports from a major retailer in the Orlando area.Carl was a former head mechanic and store manager for 6 stores and is a top-notch mechanic. His main responsibilities are handling all North Florida tech, service and events. Carl’s territory is West coast of Florida, the Panhandle and the Jacksonville area.






LETS MEET Andrew Meddoffandrew meddoff pix

Andrew is celebrating his third year with Suncoast Sports, he works with Bob Willis in managing all South Florida territory. Andrew is an engineer by trade and an avid cyclist in both Road and Mountain categories. Andrew considers himself a “People person”. And provides great service to all his accounts.

To know Andrew is to love Andrew”, so says his accounts.



LETS MEET Carlos J. Pereyra

Carlos comes to us from Spain, speaks four languages and services the northern part Carlos pix.jpgof Florida. Boston Marathon qualifier, Ironman, Ultramarathoner, Endurance Swimmer, Proud member of the Tampa Bay Frogman, World Bicycle Relief Ambassador and Tae Kwon Do European Champion.

Carlos has 30 years of experience in the Sports Industry and his skills are complemented by equally strong creative abilities. “I am able to work with my team to generate sales and marketing ideas that create greater success for all parties involved.”



LETS MEET Zach Willis

Zach is the newest addition to the team and is responsible for supporting the state ofunnamed Florida with Demos, Clinics, Warranties & Lights.

Zach started out in the bike industry as a tube changer & bicycle washer. Zach became fascinated with the mechanical aspect of bikes and decided that he wanted to learn more and begin a career in the bicycle industry. Zach attended Barnett Bicycle Institute and shortly after, became a full-time bicycle mechanic.

Zach has over 2 years of experience as a warranty writer and service manager at a local shop. “With the many new innovations everyday in the bicycle world, and my desire to learn more, I took myself to the next level and joined Suncoast Sports.”

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